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MITI – Museum of Innovation and Industrial Technique

A museum that is also an aggregator of knowledge and skills.

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Inaugurated in 2012, the MITI Museum was built in the rooms of the old foundry of the historic Institute of Arts and Crafts which has trained prominent figures in the Italian post-war industry. The exhibition itinerary begins with an interactive tour that traces the history of the Institute and shows the machinery and tools used by students over the decades: the school was in fact born with the aim of preparing students for the practice of industry and the “know-how do”.

The project of MITI museum

The MITI Museum is located in the Historical Laboratories of the Industrial School “Montani” in Fermo, a national excellence recalling the history of technological and industrial development of Italy during the XX century and the history of generations of world-renowned entrepreneurs and professionals.

The idea behind the museum is to connect the school and the museum to the concepts of scientific evolution and innovation; from research and ideas something new can be created to improve work’s quality and simplify human actions.

The Museum’s purpose is to tell the story of Montani industrial school from the XIX century to these days, enhancing the strong bond between the school (knowledge) and the factory (know-how) that has always characterised its educational path.

It is an “interactive” museum, whose aim is to enhance understanding of how innovation is created by the combination of four main elements: how to create using hands, how to create using brain, knowledge and experience.

The exhibition itinerary of MITI Museum in Fermo

The exhibition itinerary consists of six rooms:

  • Room 1. Innovation
    1. Hands
    2. Brain
  • Room 2. The Factory
  • Room 3. The Story of Montani School
  • Room 4. The scientific laboratory
  • Room 5. New technologies
  • Room 6. The Future

The exhibition itinerary is thought to enhance the school’s historical machineries and the transmission of a many-centuried technical knowledge involving the visitor in a journey of discovery through interactive devices.

In the first room, dedicated to Girolamo and Margherita Montani, founders of the school, visitors can understand the necessary interaction between hands and brain to produce technological innovations.

The central space, heart of the museum, was the old foundry’s seat: next to the furnaces are located the historical machineries (power hammer, calender, press, punching machine, milling machine, lathe and gear shaper) employed by the students in the laboratories to learn the “know-how”. The room is completed by six interactive emplacements to allow the visitor to understand the use of the machineries and their evolution.

The historical hallway travels with old documents through the story of Montani and of the characters who gave birth to the School right after the unification of Italy.

The last room is the didactic instruments’ room from different ages and fields (mechanics, physics, chemistry, electrotechnics, electronics, radio engineering and IT) used in the school to teach the scientific knowledge

The museum includes spaces for temporary exhibitions and it is a privileged place to support innovations.


ITT Montani

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