Fermo, a prestigious historic city that rises a stone’s throw from the sea, with a classic taste where everyone is the protagonist.

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The city of Fermo

Welcome to Fermo, in the Marche!
The historic center, the surrounding landscape, the beaches, the nature trails, the shopping streets...: here's what to see to discover the city.

Welcome to Fermo, an historic city rich in incredible proofs of a distant and fascinating past. Fermo, perched on a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside, plunges its roots in the Picentes’ era, passing through the Roman domination and many political events in the Middle Ages and until our days. Tangible proofs of such a varied history are the astonishing monuments that you can visit in the city, many Churches rich in precious works and relics, the towers and museums that welcome astonished tourists. There are also many convivial occasions thanks to the historical re-enactments with medieval clothes and the frequent cultural and theatrical events organized by Fermo’s municipality throughout year. Each tourist venturing into the evocative and narrow streets of Fermo’s historic centre will find many different itineraries to discover: the one dedicated to art, monuments, to the old commercial street of the city centre or to discover the naturalistic beauties surrounding the city. Fermo is located between the fascinating peaks of the Apennines and the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, which tourists can enjoy walking along the amazing seafronts of Lido di Fermo and Marina Palmense.

What to see in Fermo

The vocation of the city of Fermo, with its history as a city of studies and its tradition as a centre of cultural exchange on the Adriatic Sea, has always aimed at offering welcome and hospitality. The instruments that the town has on hand to keep fulfilling this mission are many and they have been consolidated and refined over time. First, culture.

The city, in fact, has preserved an unspoiled renaissance urban layout, which can be appreciated, starting from the main Piazza del Popolo – among the most beautiful in Marche – through a series of itineraries dotted with churches, among them the Cathedral with its amazing gothic façade, noble palaces, courtyards and artistic portals.

This town in Marche houses a Civic Art Gallery with many late Gothic paintings well-known for the famous “Adoration of the Shepherds” by P.P. Rubens; it hosts the “Romolo Spezioli” Civic Library among the most renowned in Italy for its ancient book collection, whose heart – the seventeenth century Globe Room – is itself one of the city’s treasures.

The town preserves beneath its streets a complex plumbing system, which include the Roman Cisterns the largest ever built by the Romans in terms of their surface area, from the age of Augustus, whose visit is essential for anyone who visits the City even if only for a few hours.

A real star in the cultural firmament of Fermo is the 18th-century city theatre Teatro dell’Aquila, one of the largest and most beautiful in Marche: a prestigious building, enriched with historical backdrops by Alessandro Sanquirico and with the central fresco painted by Luigi Cochetti. The facility, as well as being one of the most highly regarded cultural assets of the city, hosts important seasons of opera, classical music and prosa shows, in accordance with a centuries-long tradition, which has seen its stage walked by some of the greatest names of the international landscape.

Another point of interest is the prestigious nineteenth century Villa Vitali, designed by Architect Gaetano Manfredi, today seat of the renovated open air theatre, where important summer theatre festivals are organised.

Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo is the heart of the town of Fermo. Bordered by 16th century porticoes in bricks, it houses the oldest public buildings of the town.

The Roman Cisterns of Fermo

The Roman Cisterns of Fermo

The Roman Cisterns of Fermo are a true patrimony of the Augustan age hydraulic art, a Vitruvius’ ingenious idea. The entrance is in via degli Aceti.

The Globe Room

The Globe Room

The Globe Room is located in Palazzo dei Priori in Fermo. The wooden Globe was designed by abbot Amanzio Moroncelli in 1713.

Romolo Spezioli Civic Library

Romolo Spezioli Civic Library

The “Romolo Spezioli” Civic Library originated as a public library and boasts more than three centuries of history. It includes 3.000 manuscripts, 127 codices and 300.000 documents.

Teatro dell’Aquila of Fermo

Teatro dell’Aquila of Fermo

The Teatro dell’Aquila of Fermo was inaugurated in 1791. Ever since, it underwent many restorations and hosted numerous famous celebrities.

Torre di Palme

Torre di Palme

Torre di Palme stands on the hills surrounding Fermo: an ancient village perched on a rocky spur, rich in history and with an enchanting view over the sea.

Fermo: what to visit in the surroundings?

Visiting Fermo means also letting the landscape of its surroundings fascinate you.

Visiting Fermo means also letting the landscape of its surroundings fascinate you. Fermo is huddled around Girfalco Hill, whose park, of the most beautiful panoramic balconies along the coast of Marche, houses numerous centuries-old trees.

The city can boast two real natural backstages: on one side the Adriatic Sea, at a mere eight kilometres from the town centre, and on the other side the evocative scenario of a hinterland of historical villages, towns near Fermo rising in a rolling hilly landscape up to the slopes of the “Blue Mountains”, made famous by Giacomo Leopardi: the Sibillini Mountains.

This privileged position enables Fermo to offer a clean sea and well-equipped beaches such as Lido di Fermo, Casabianca, and Marina Palmense, from which tourists can go sailing, windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Tourists can also enjoy the calmness of its hinterland in farm holiday centres and facilities equipped for trekking, mountain biking and horse riding, since the town is a natural gateway to the nearby Sibillini Mountains National Park. The numerous accommodation facilities offer adequate solutions for all needs.

The thousand year old history of Fermo

Perched on Sabulo Hill, 320 metres above the sea level and 6 km far from the sea, Fermo was one of the most important Roman colony since 264 BC under the name of Firmum Picenum.

Its history is included in a cultural context that goes from the Villanovan populations to the Picentes, as testified by many archaeological finds attesting their presence in this area around IX-VIII century BC.

Tourism in Fermo: live the city

Discover all the ways to enjoy the beauties and opportunities offered by this wonderful city in Marche!

Fermo to see: high level museum activities

The first step to discover Fermo is knowing its cultural heritage that makes it famous all over Italy: the Square, the Roman Cisterns, the Library, Teatro dell’Aquila.

But you can’t stop here. The cultural opportunities in the city are enriched by the Diocesan Museum, adjacent to the Cathedral, which preserves, among other exceptional exhibits, the chasuble of Thomas Becket; the Picenum Archaeological Section in Palazzo dei Priori, fully documenting through bronze artefacts of a unique type one of the greatest pre-Roman Italic cultures; and the Oratory of Santa Monica, with a cycle of late Gothic frescoes among the most appreciated in Marche.

In the seventeenth century Palazzo Paccaroni, down Corso Cavour, are hosted the Scientific Museums. They include “Silvio Zavatti” Polar Museum, unique in Italy, and “Tommaso Salvadori” Museum of Natural Sciences. Further on, there’s St. Filippo Neri Church, the second Oratorian foundation in Marche dating back to the seventeenth century; thanks to the latest renovation, today it’s an Auditorium and exhibition room, housing numerous conventions and exhibitions.

What to see in Fermo in one day?
Choose from the many thematic routes

Do you want to find out what Fermo is famous for? Visit the city by choosing from our thematic itineraries! Lots of guided itineraries to immerse yourself in the heart of the city.

do you love the sea?

Fermo Mare, the ideal beach for your summer

Lido di Fermo, Lido San Tommaso, Casabianca and Marina Palmense: the city offers both beautiful stretches of golden beach and white pebble beaches, bathed by a splendid sea, which has been awarded the Blue flag for years.

Breathe nature in the city

Fermo is the beauty of the historic centre, it is the history that reigns in its palaces and villas, it is the blue of the sea a few steps from the city. But it also has a wonderful green heart: discover all the parks to breathe nature in the city!

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Find the perfect accommodations for your holidays

Hotels, B&B, campsites, restaurants, agritourisms, bathing establishments: whatever your tastes, here you will find the ideal solution for your stay in the city

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