Fermo, a prestigious historic city that rises a stone’s throw from the sea, with a classic taste where everyone is the protagonist.

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Exhibition Market of Antiques and Handicraft

In 1983 was organized the first edition of “Exhibition Market of Antiques and Handicraft” in Fermo. The exhibition has become over the years an important appointment of Fermo’s summer.

It takes place every Thursday in July and August in the historic centre of the city and many different objects of various kind are gathered on the stands: from antique furnishings to porcelain, from clothes to old toys, from silverware to costume jewelry, from CDs to coins, from stamps to books and many other things.

The Exhibition Market takes place in Piazza del Popolo, along Viale Vittorio Veneto (better known as Strada Nuova), Corso Cefalonia and Piazzale Azzolino.

Already around midday you can witness the children’s arrival in the area dedicated to them in Viale Vittorio Veneto where, behaving as adults, they occupy a place under the heatwave to be able to sell everything they have in their attics: trifles, old toys, books, movies and cartoons.

It must be said that anyway the children’s market is very frequented by adults too, that often do good business managing to find what they were looking for, for their children, grandchildren or for themselves.
A part of the enthusiasts arrive soon, before the crowd, when streets are still empty and the exhibitors have more availability, you can see the stands more easily, ask, touch and decide whether to buy something or not. This is the most magic moment of the market, that must be taken with love before the streets liven up too much and you lose yourself in the crowd that walk curious, talkative and sometimes distracted. Between the 9 and 11 pm the animation’s peak is reached and it is very difficult even to walk and find a gap among the crowd that push, chat and watch.

Eventually we can say it’s a local market you can’t miss for the thousand occasions it offers, for its relaxed and merry atmosphere, for the opportunity to reach the nice historic centre even more reachable since the inauguration of the new lift connecting Via XX Settembre parking to Viale Vittorio Veneto.
In its long life the local market reached more than 20.000 participations.

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