Fermo, a prestigious historic city that rises a stone’s throw from the sea, with a classic taste where everyone is the protagonist.

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Fermo Digital Museum

A digital journey in the main museums of Fermo

An innovative project by the Municipality of Fermo – Department of Culture, by the Library and Museums Service of the City of Fermo, supported by the Marche Region and the Ministry of Culture, sponsor Pellegrini Giardini, artistic direction Paolo Doppieri in collaboration with 2GM Film and 360Sferavision.

FERMO DIGITAL MUSEUM is a digital journey in the main museums of Fermo thanks to which it is possible to explore online, from home, the beauty of the cultural heritage, through the care of images, the creative use of sounds and music and the 360 ° visualization of some museum spaces.

Some insights clickable during the tour and edited by prof. Stefano Papetti, by prof. Nunzio Giustozzi, by the actor Stefano De Bernardin, by the Director of the library Maria Chiara Leonori and by museum guides Vissia Lucarelli and Sara Bernetti, they make the trip even more stimulating and invite the visitor to come to Fermo, to discover, for himself, the beauties of our city.

This is a first step towards the total accessibility of the Fermo museums, also achieved thanks to the most modern technologies.

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