Fermo, a prestigious historic city that rises a stone’s throw from the sea, with a classic taste where everyone is the protagonist.

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Girfalco Park in Fermo

The Girfalco Park is a wonderful green area that surrounds the Metropolitan Cathedral, the spiritual heart of Fermo’s history.

Girfalco Park is a true and proper terrace over Fermo city and it has an astonishing green area around the Metropolitan Cathedral, the spiritual heart of Fermo’s history.

Girfalco Square in Fermo

All roads lead to… Girfalco, the current square that hosted until 1400 Fermo’s castle. Known in ancient times as Colle Sabulo (Sabulo Hill), it is the highest point of the town: here your gaze will extend from the Adriatic Sea to the Sybilline Mountains, caressing the sweet curves of Marche’s hills covered with vineyards, olive groves and orchards. At the end of the park you can admire the impressive building of Fermo Duomo, the city cathedral.

From Girfalco you can admire, besides the expanse of the Adriatic Sea, Monte Conero, Monte dell’Ascensione and the green hills of Marche, in whose tops wonderful historic centres are located. In sunny days with good weather, your gaze may catch even the Velebit, the largest mountain range in Croatia.

Fermo’s town centre has an elevation above sea level of more than 300 metres. it is considerably higher than the surrounding hills and tourists coming from the towns along the coast can admire Fermo from different points of view already from afar, thanks to its pyramid shape made of windy and narrow alleys surrounded by the ancient walls.

The luxurious nature of Girfalco Park in Fermo

In the middle of Girfalco Square there’s a fountain built in 1928 to celebrate the aqueduct over Tenna river, and on the west side of the square, stands Villa Vinci, that hosted from 1700 to 1820 the Capuchins Convent.

The nature is the Park’s main character; the Girfalco is made up of a luxuriant flora, and while walking you can admire majestic Pines and Lebanese Cedars that offer shelter during the warm summer days, while the boulevard leading to the Cathedral of the Assumption is lined with rows of Holm Oaks pruned as a hedge.

On the road leading to the Park, next to the monument that celebrates the Patron Saint St. Sabinus you can admire an amazing Italian-style garden made of palm trees and flowerbeds.

The park is a perfect destination to spend a Sunday together with the family: children can spend their time between a game and a carousel located on the side of the Park overlooking the sea, while the adults relax on the benches and tables to enjoy a lunch break with an enchanting view.



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