Fermo, a prestigious historic city that rises a stone’s throw from the sea, with a classic taste where everyone is the protagonist.

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Capodarco di Fermo

An amazing natural balcony.

Capodarco is the largest and most densely populated district of Fermo and it lays down on the north-east side of Fermo hills. The location of this residential area makes it a true gem of Fermo’s municipality thanks to its unlimited overlook over the Adriatic Sea.

The treasures of Capodarco

The small district offers hidden treasures, like the painting by Vittore Crivelli portraying a Madonna with the Child, san Girolamo, san Giovanni Battista, san Francesco and the blessed Angelo Clareno dating back to the XV century, preserved in the parish Church of Santa Maria, built in 1905 in neoclassic style.

Next to the Church there’s a parish museum that preserves testaments of the local life including vestments, sacred objects, tabernacles, processional lamps.

The old Church of Santa Maria di Capodarco is worth a visit: it is one of the most important building of the district and it dates back to 1358, as stated by a gravestone located south of the building. It is currently deconsecrated and it has been converted to many uses: school, storehouse and today it is theTeatro Nuovo di Capodarco now seat of arthouse cinema’s shows, theatre performances of local companies and music fests.

The Gran Premio Capodarco

Capodarco houses also a famous cycling race that takes place every year since 1964: it is the Gran Premio Capodarco, a race designed for international amateurs and it’s dedicated since 1995 to the cyclist Fabio Casartelli, who won the race in 1991.



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